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The Business

A large building chemicals manufacturer specialising in epoxy coatings for both tradesman and DIY'ers.  There was a website but no way of purchasing any products online.

Our Brief

To design an e-commerce website with over 500 products listed.  The website had to have a fresh look and be easy to use, as a large portion of the target market aren't that technical/I.T literate.

What We Did

Back End

For the back-end system we used RomanCart software.  This provided a straight forward way of adding and maintaining products.  There was a separate login that staff could use to edit everything from products to sales and the shopping cart wording.

Front End

We decided to build the site from the ground up.  It uses a completely custom design.  The design is fairly straight forward with the focus being usability rather than bells and whistles, which made sense due to the target market.

There is a very efficient menu on the left hand site that provides navigation to all products.  Using custom CSS, we've provided a way for potential customers to find any of the 500 products in just two clicks.

As well as the main menu on the left, there is a search box and also a 'products' link at the top to help people who may know the type of product they're after, but not necessarily the name of the product.

Because the site has been built from the ground up, we have the ability to customise any part of the site with ease.  It's also extremely fast, there are no onsite databases to slow anything down, just standard html pages.  This combined with our blisteringly fast servers increases the chance of ranking well on the search engines for popular terms.

Marketing & Optimisation

Since we first built the website, we have continued to provide regular support and improvements for SEO, finely tweaking title and description tags as well as the content of the site to ensure high rankings.

As well as optimising the site, we've spent a considerable amount of time on Google AdWords.  Nearly every product and relevant search has either a high first page ranking in the regular listings and/or a high position using Google AdWords.

There are over 100 popular keywords ranking in the top 3 positions of Google,  some examples of highly competitive terms are 'Pond Paint', 'Swimming Pool Paint', 'Water Based Epoxy Coating', 'Pool Paint' and 'Tanking Slurry'.

There are some products which do not rank quite as highly, it's nearly impossible to rank well for all products.  For these we've focused on using Google AdWords to get the sales.  There are hundreds of adverts running, all customised for different products and keywords to keep the relevance high and the spend as low as possible.

Through Google AdWords and the high rankings on Google for popular terms, the site has gone from taking no online orders to taking a 6 figure amount annually with the quantity of orders increasing steadily.  A real success story.

We've since created  a French version of the site at www.anteletancheite.fr and are working closely with Antel to recreate the success we've had in the UK abroad.


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