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Carbon Fibre Repair

The Business

A start-up company providing high quality repairs to carbon fibre for race cars, supercar bodywork, bikes, fishing rods and more.  The people running the company have a wealth of experience and strong ties with the motorsport industry but needed a way of promoting their services to other markets.

Our Brief

Create a professional website that clearly displays the services that can be offered, as well as displaying a large, ever increasing portfolio.

What We Did

Back End

As the site was going to be regularly updated with new portfolio items, it was important that it was easy to update.  For that reason we based the site around the popular platform WordPress.

Using a secure administrative login, staff can easily add new portfolio items in just a few clicks.  Images are resized on the fly, saving a lot of time.

Front End

The design needed to be unique, and have an impressive way of displaying portfolio items.  With that in mind, the home page is dominated by a scrolling image box that shows high resolution images with before and after photos side by side.  The visual impact is impressive.

Just below the image box there is a short description of the company and three clearly marked images for 'Motorsport', 'Marine' and 'Miscellaneous'.

At the top of the site, there's a unique navigation bar linking to an 'About Us', 'Repair Process', 'Recent Work' and 'Contact' pages.

The recent work page clearly shows a number of recent jobs.  When you hover over the image, the image slides up, displaying a description, and in some cases, a guide price.  If this is then clicked on, a dedicated page for that item is then displayed.


Marketing & Optimisation

Since the site launched, we've worked hard on the optimisation of the site, as well as setting up analytic software and tools to monitor traffic and performance.  In just a few weeks, we managed to get the site ranking on the first page in position 3 for the most valuable keyword 'Carbon Fibre Repair'.  Although helped by the excellent domain name, it's still a great achievement jumping ahead of some established competitors in such a small time-frame.

We've also set up a Google AdWords account which will be used primarily to bring in business as the rankings for other keywords climb in the organic listings.

Carbon Fibre Repair are experiencing an increase in business and are working with prestigious companies such as Kawasaki, most recently fixing a badly damaged bike from the British Superbikes series.


Client:Carbon Fibre Repair

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