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Pond Coat

The Business

A large building chemicals manufacturer specialising in epoxy coatings for both tradesman and DIY'ers.  At this point, we had already created a successful main website for the company but they wanted something aimed solely at people repairing their ponds.

Our Brief

Create a modern, clean looking website tailored to pond owners that's really simple to use.  The checkout process must be straight forward for people that have never purchased goods online before. The website needs to rank on Google within 3 months.

What We Did

Back End

The system behind the website needed to be easy to update/track orders and provide an easy way of selecting options for products.  The main product, 'A1 Pond Paint' comes in a variety of colours, and there are often more colours added to the range.

In addition to the original brief, we found out there were plans for future websites that may need to be designed in a similar way.  It was for this reason we decided to create a multi-store setup, to save time on future sites.

The database and back end system for this site now powers several others such as TankingAndWaterproofing.com and although currently the designs are the same, the functionality is there to edit the design of the sites to make them look completely different, even though there's just one system powering them all.  A big time and money saver in the long run.

Update 11/02/2013:  TankingAndWaterproofing.com has now been updated by us on a separate project and is no longer run by the PondCoat back end system, however the functionality remains and is used on other websites.

Front End

Simplicity was the key.  There needed to be a really straight forward way of navigating the site for a fairly limited range of products, so we opted for horizontal navigation bar at the top of the site.  Horizontal bars are currently seen on popular sites such as Amazon and eBay and therefore make sense for the target market.

Once an item in the menu is clicked on, a list of products are displayed where you then have the option of adding something to your basket or viewing more information.


On each product page there are clearly defined options - size and colour with all of the colours shown below in a chart.

Once in the checkout process, you can register or checkout as a guest, and once the customer's address has been entered, a delivery price is shown clearly.

Payment is then taken by PayPal or SagePay.

Customers seem to have had little problem navigating the site and throughout the summer, the site receives many orders every day.

Marketing & Optimisation

The main goal was to get the website onto the first page of Google for the term 'Pond Paint'.  Antel's main site already ranks highly for the term but they were keen to have a second site ranking on the first page.  This combined with their AdWords and Google Shopping presence would give them 3-5 spots on the first page of Google.

As can be seen below, we managed to get the website ranking in position 5 on page 1.

Updated 30/04/2013

More information coming soon.

Client:Pond Coat

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