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The Business

A large building chemicals manufacturer specialising in epoxy coatings for both tradesman and DIY'ers. At this point, we had already created a successful main website for the company, but they wanted something aimed solely at people repairing their swimming pool.

Our Brief

Create a modern, attractive website to showcase the unique benefits of the product to pool owners.  There  is already an existing site that ranks well on Google but it needs to be completely re-done as it's looking tired and dated due to it being built over 7 years ago.  It's important that Google rankings are retained.

What We Did

Back End

Due to the fact that the main Antel website uses RomanCart shopping cart software and the new PoolCoat website would only be selling a handful of products, we decided to stick with this system for the checkout process.  PayPal payments are accepted as part of the system as well as direct credit card payments via SagePay.

A separate admin login was provided for all other parts of the site such as the product information pages and photos so that this could be edited without any technical knowledge.

Front End

We wanted to really grab potential customers attention and make it clear what the benefits of the product were, without them having to read through lots of pages on the site.  So we created a large scrolling image box that cycles through a customers pool transformation, starting from where it was first built...:

...and finishing with the pool complete:

This was effective for keeping the users attention and Google Analytics tracking software has shown a decrease in the number of visitors that leave after viewing the home page.

We then created snippets of text on the key benefits of the product over rivals.  This looked much better and less intimidating compared to the old site where all of the information was in one long paragraph:


Although the previous site looked dated, it's search engine rankings were excellent, with first page results on Google for the terms 'Swimming Pool Paint', 'Pool Paint' and many other variations, so it was extremely important to retain these.  By carefully crafting the title/description tags, onsite content, URL's and using 301 redirects the rankings were maintained and the site still ranks very well:

The site was later translated into French and Spanish versions and all are continuing to perform well.


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