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Robert Craig Active

The Business

Robert Craig offers remote personal training services, helping people to gain muscle and lose fat by providing diet plans and training programs.

Our Brief

Create a professional looking website to help attract new clients, using recent images from a photoshoot.  The site needs to be straight forward to update.

What We Did

In order to make the site easy to update, we used WordPress software.  There's a secure administrative login that can be used to edit text, upload images and more.

We created a clean design, focused around images to create a 'wow factor' when visitors first view the site.

The high resolution photos on the home page 'roll' into each other and when hovered over, can provide further information.  Please visit the site to see a live demo.

We also created a professional looking logo for the website.  Many of Robert's clients are bodybuilders,  so we decided to include 3 silhouettes of bodybuilders.

The website is still relatively new but the feedback has been excellent and Robert's client base is steadily growing.

Client:Robert Craig Active

Live Preview:Visit Site