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The Business

Harri Ashdown is a personal trainer helping people transform their physique.

Our Brief

Create a stylish, easy to update website with recent photos and a members only section.

What We Did

Back End

We created the website in WordPress to make it really easy to create blog posts and manage the content of the site.

The members area section is restricted and requires a password to gain access.  Within this, there's the ability to create an unlimited amount of pages and posts.  Content includes articles, pictures, meal plans and training advice.

Front End

For the design, we were trying to give it an 'underground gym' feel.  The sliders with photos and text on the home page look like sheet metal and there are different textures as part of the black backgrounds to continue the metal theme.

The home page displays an eye catching slider that 'rolls' between photos, grabbing the viewers attention right away and shows details such as the customers name, qualifications and achievements, along with a bold welcome message.

We also designed a logo as part of the website.  The two dumbbells in a cross continues the 'underground gym' feel and is both brandable and memorable.

The navigation is simple to use, giving a hover effect when the chosen page is highlighted with the mouse pointer. These links direct you to full width pages, which contain an overview of information about the customer and the service he provides.

Marketing & Optimisation

To increase awareness of the website via social networking, Facebook and Twitter widgets were installed, which display on every page.


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