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TMuscle Blog

The Business

TMuscle is now one of the largest bodybuilding and weight training forums in the UK with thousands of people visiting the site every day.


Create a mini blog site for TMuscle to promote exclusive bodybuilding show reports, articles, competitions and the new TMuscle Radio Show.

What We Did

There was only ever going to be a small amount of content compared to the forum, so we opted to use large images and create a very clean looking design to show off a limited number of posts.

At the top there's a slider that allows the user to select from a variety of posts.

Underneath this are a list of the most recent blog posts in date order, categories and social networking links.

The site has quickly become popular with the members of the forum, when they're after the latest UK bodybuilding news and people using social networking sites who want to dip in to snippets of content rather than joining a forum.

Client:Testosterone Muscle

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