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First impressions count and Web Design Store specialise in creating professional, eye catching designs that are easy to use for your audience and simple to administer.

We will start off by getting some ideas from you on how you would like the site to be.  We'll then combine that with lots of our own suggestions and some design flare to ensure your site stands out from the crowd.  Together we will agree on a design to go forward.

Some customers know what they're after minus a few details, whereas others let us take care of nearly all the design work; either way is fine, we're used to working with lots of different clients.

Once the design is complete and we're happy, login details will be sent across for you to look over.

Depending on the web design package chosen you will then have 1-4 weeks to test out the site, submit any changes and ask any questions on how to use the site.

If you're not 100% happy with the design after this testing period, we will return all of your money and then give you an additional £100 extra to spend elsewhere with another web design firm!  Obviously we wouldn't be able to do this unless we were absolutely confident of our work and customer service.

Our talented graphic design team can create clean, professional looking logos and graphics for websites, business cards, leaflets, posters, social media and more.

Our Money Back + £100 guarantee applies to this service, so if you pay us to design a logo and aren't completely happy, we'll refund all of your money and an additional £100!

The web address/domain name can be crucial to a business's success.

Although it is perfectly possible to rank any domain name for just about any term on Google, it is easier and faster to rank a domain name that includes keywords. For example, the domain name footballscores.com will stand a much higher chance of ranking within Google for the term 'Football Scores' than tedsfootyupdates.com.

While it is perfectly possible to get tedsfootyupdates.com ranking for the term, the additional time and expense in marketing needed, compared to trying to rank footballscores.com will more than likely result in spending much more than simply purchasing footballupdates.com or a similar premium name.  We can perform extensive keyword research to work out the best possible domain name for your company.

Another situation that businesses often run into is that the .co.uk domain for their company name is available to be purchased but the .com is taken.  It's important to get the .com domain name if at all possible, as many people try typing this into their web browser before .co.uk even within the UK, and the last thing you want is a customer arriving at someone else's website.

Sometimes it's impossible to get the name as it's being used by a business in another part of the world and they have no interest in selling, but in a surprising number of cases the domain owner will be open to the option of selling.  Many 'domainers' buy names in bulk and then wait for people to offer them money.  It need not necessarily cost a fortune to secure the .com version of your business name.

At Web Design Store, we have a lot of experience in buying domain names and know how to get the best prices.  If you're after a name but not sure where to start, please contact us and we'll let you know if we think it might be possible to acquire the name.

There are literally thousands of web hosts within the UK however  the vast majority offer budget hosting that has variable speed and little flexibility.

At Web Design Store, we only offer high performance semi-dedicated servers.  Each of our servers hosts just a couple of dozen websites (all built by us) to ensure there's no slow down and the machines are situated in one of the UK's fastest datacentre's.

Where our machines are truly dedicated, we have complete control over them and can customise anything, usually at no extra cost to you.  Not only that, any website hosted on our web server has unlimited everything!  Emails, bandwidth, storage, the lot.

Because everything is unlimited, the only sites we host are the ones we have designed ourselves.  That way we can optimise performance and speed as we know the ins and outs of both the hardware and software.  This means that we can accurately predict CPU, HDD & RAM usage to ensure there's never any slow down for any of our hosted websites.  Even during busy periods, our servers very rarely reach even 30% load.

Premium hosting is included in some our higher tier packages.  For lower tier packages, it can be added on for a fixed yearly fee.

If you want to use our web design services but host elsewhere, that's not a problem, we will discuss this with you before starting any work.

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to designing and running shopping carts/online stores, with particular expertise in the popular platforms Magento and OpenCart.

Our shopping carts are very user friendly and provide quick and easy ways to add products and maintain content.

Special focus is put on search engine rankings and we integrate our shopping carts with Google Shopping where required.

Please check out our pricing page for more information on our packages.

Using specialised software and our many years of experience, we can help boost your search engine rankings.

Some of our most popular tweaks:

Title Tags
This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to boost rankings.  Rather than having the title 'Michael's Cricket Blog', we might suggest something along the lines of 'Cricket News Latest'.  By including the best keywords in the title, the chances of ranking for those keywords increases dramatically.

Description Tags
As with the title tags, the description tag is another quick and easy way of increasing rankings.  Many people overlook this completely and by adding a relevant, keyword dense description of your website, rankings should improve.

Depending on the site, this isn't always quite as easy to change as the title and description tags but it can usually be done without too much hassle.  Lots of websites use databases and php to show content.  This often leads to web addresses like:


Not ideal.  A much better web address would be:


If you were trying to rank for 'Adidas running trainers', your probability of ranking for this term will be increased by having the keywords included in the URL.

Incoming Links
The days of asking your friend to link to your website if you link to theirs is gone.  This type of manipulative link building amongst many others has been devalued by Google.  Our opinion is that it's pointless trying to manipulate the search engines by going out getting links.

There is another way however.  By creating great content on your site and combining this with social media and other sources, assuming it's good quality, people will share it on the Internet getting you genuine links.

Always keep in mind Google's aim.  They want to display the most relevant sites on the Internet.  Rather than trying to trick the search engines into temporarily ranking you in a high position, we recommend adding content, as this is the most powerful indicator and over time will lead to incoming links, which are similar to votes for your site in the eyes of Google.

There are many other ways of improving rankings.  Please contact us with some information about your website and we will send you our recommendations.

SEO services are included with all of our web design packages.

Google AdWords and Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing has transformed so many online businesses.  It's a fantastic tool and can turn an underperforming website into a success almost overnight.

That said, if you're not experienced with how the AdWords system works, it often makes sense to get outside help as it's quite involved and you could be throwing a lot of money away if you're not an expert.

We take the time intensive approach creating a separate advert, carefully crafting effective copy for each and every keyword you want to target.  This way, adverts are as relevant as possible, receive higher click through rates and you can spend less per click.  We then combine this with split testing and unique keyword research to further improve results.

If you're not currently using Google AdWords, you could be sitting on a goldmine and if you do use AdWords but haven't had it looked at by an expert, we could save you hundreds, maybe even thousands each month, depending on your spend.

If you're like us, you probably get several calls a day from companies trying to promote their AdWords services.  To seperate ourselves from the competition, we offer our 'Money Back + £100 Guarantee' with this service.  If we don't bring in/save you more money you than it costs to hire us to help with this service, we will refund all of your money and an extra £100 to use with an alternative company.

If we look at your AdWords campaign and decide it's already performing well, we will be honest and tell you, so please contact us today to find out more about our 100% guaranteed Google AdWords services.

This is the time to capitalise on the huge growth of social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter.

Just a few years ago, social marketing wasn't even something to consider.  However, for many companies, this is now their biggest source of business.  It's not just for 'techy' companies either, so if you're not currently using social networking, you could well be missing a trick.

Facebook offers Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing which is great for getting new business right away (much like AdWords) but there are free options:

Facebook Page - Post things of interest on Facebook and people will 'like' your page.  Once they have liked your page, they will be notified of every post you make.  By building up several thousand 'likes', that's a good amount of potential customers that could be sent your offers right away.  This is the modern version of signing up to an email newsletter and everyone knows how effective email marketing can be.

Twitter - Similar to Facebook, 'tweet' things of interest and you will get 'followers' who will then be notified whenever you 'tweet' anything.

Recently there has been increasing evidence suggesting that a strong social following can influence Google rankings, so there are lots of benefits for almost all businesses.  We feel sure that social following is going to become increasingly influential over the next few years.

We can customise Twitter & Facebook profiles, post interesting content on your behalf to save you a huge amount of time and use our powerful software to run competitions and giveaways to attract lots of new potential customers.